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Do you provide transportation?
Our campers come mostly from the Montgomery County, Main Line, and Center City areas. Families may choose to provide their own transportation or use our door-to-door service in cars and 12-passenger vans, both driven by our Blue Bell counselors. It provides peace of mind to our families that the person driving their child is one of our highly responsible and professional counselors who teaches their activities, and that we do not use school buses, parent volunteers, or outside drivers who leave camp during the day. Routes are designed for maximum efficiency because the safety of our campers and minimizing travel time is of the utmost importance. As it is our camp policy for counselors not to exceed a speed limit of 45 miles per hour, we do not use any expressways or turnpikes while transporting children.
Blue Bell Camp Private Transportation

What do campers bring to camp everyday?
Campers wear clothes that they can play in and get dirty: shorts, tee shirts, sneakers and socks. We do not have a uniform, but campers will receive a camp shirt that they may wear whenever they like. Members of the Leadership Program will also receive a special Leadership shirt.

Campers bring a baseball glove, bathing suit and towel, and lunch everyday. BBC will provide a sport bag, baseball hat, mouthguard and mouthguard case that campers also bring daily.

How is Blue Bell able to handle children with different athletic abilities?
Approximately 1/3 of our campers are passionate about athletics, 1/3 are not very athletic, and the other 1/3 falls somewhere in the middle. Our small group size allows for individualized instruction so we can teach to each child's abilities. Our counselors have extensive depth of knowledge in their specialty and can teach to any level of ability, whether a child is new to a particular activity or has been playing for years. No prior experience is necessary; anything children need to know for BBC, we teach them when they get here. Every activity period is a combination of review and new material, as well as individual and group instruction.

Additionally, because our counselors are all experienced and professional school teachers, they adapt their teaching style to fit each camper's learning style and specific needs and goals. At our weekly staff meetings, we discuss each child in camp and the progress they are making both physically and socially. The benefit of our small camp and small group size is that every counselor knows every camper and whether they have a food allergy, difficulty overcoming shyness, or are a superstar athlete who needs to be challenged. At Blue Bell, children are surrounded by mature, caring adults who are dedicated to their well-being and development.

How does lunch work? Are campers allowed to bring peanut butter?
Campers bring their lunches daily, which are refrigerated until lunchtime when the whole camp eats together in the Grove. We do allow campers to bring peanut butter as long as they clean their hands thoroughly so as not to impact the campers with serious peanut allergies. We have an allergy-free lunch table where children with peanut and various other allergies can sit. We encourage campers to make their own lunches and teach them how to make a new kid-friendly recipe every week.

Blue Bell Camp Picnic Grove
While we feel it is very important for children to make their own lunch with the help of a parent to learn about nutrition, waste less food, and become more independent, we understand that for some families, this may not be feasible every day. Therefore, campers may order lunch in advance (daily, weekly, or for the entire summer) from Lee's Hoagies of Blue Bell, a local family-owned business that offers delivery of fresh, delicious, hot and cold lunch options. All options offered are a complete meal for your child that includes an entrée, freshly sliced fruit, and a bag of chips. (Milk and water are provided by camp). Ordering and payment are done directly with Lee's, and we are here to simply help with the distribution at lunchtime. Check out Lee's online menu for Blue Bell Camp:

How are the groups made? Can I request that my child be placed with a friend?
Friendship Our group sizes are small to maximize the best learning experience for your child, which means that creating the groups is intricate and many factors must be taken into account in addition to school grade and age. If you would like to make group requests for your child, you may do so on the Registration Form. If you would like to discuss grouping options in more detail, please call us (215-646-4444).

What is the best way to communicate with camp?
Our preferred method of communication is the telephone (215-646-4444), and when you call us, it will always be a member of the Harris family who answers. We are typically available by phone from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. seven days a week in the off-season. You may also reach us by e-mail at

In the summertime, you may communicate with us by telephone after 5:00 P.M. as we are outside with the children during the day, or in the case of a timely matter, you may speak with our Grove counselor during the camp day.

What is the camp tuition?
Please call 215-646-4444 for current tuition information. We have substantial credits available for siblings, referrals, and early registration. Please call to find out which may apply to you.

Are there any additional costs?
All activities, trips, special events, and equipment are included in our tuition. We will provide a sport bag, hat, shirt(s), mouthguard, mouthguard case, and camp picture at no additional cost. Campers in our Senior Division participate in our Leadership Program, camp overnight, and special day trips at no additional cost.

Parents may choose to add the following services for an additional cost: door-to-door transportation, extended hours, or the lunch delivery program. Please call 215-646-4444 for additional details on these services.

Do you offer scholarships?
We offer need-based scholarships to deserving families every summer. In the past, they have gone to children of fallen police officers or veterans, families struggling with medical issues, or those who have endured hardships and could benefit from a nurturing summer of outdoor fun and instruction. If you are a camper parent or a teaching or counseling professional and know of a child you would like to recommend for a scholarship, please contact us with their information so we can learn how we may best be able to serve them.

What type of health form is required to attend camp?
We provide a downloadable Health Form asking for health information pertaining to allergies, medications, special requirements, and emergency contacts. The top half is for parents to fill out and the bottom half is for the child's pediatrician. We must have this completed health form before a child attends camp. Children must also be up to date on all vaccinations.

How do I sign up?
You may download and fill out our Registration Form electronically or print it to complete by hand. To submit it electronically, please save the completed form and send it as an e-mail attachment to You will receive a confirmation e-mail after it is submitted. If you prefer to have a hard copy of our registration form mailed to you, please call us at 215-646-4444. Once we receive your form with a $500 deposit (fully refundable until March 31st), your child will be enrolled.

Blue Bell Camp
  • "Thank you so much for another great summer. We are on vacation and every day we hear another happy story about Blue Bell Camp – about a friend or a counselor or a song they learned. All three kids really had a great time. Thanks for all you do."
    – Mr. and Mrs. B., Bryn Mawr, PA
  • "The kids love BBC and have an amazing time every day! Both boys have made great friends at BBC. They both look forward to going and are excited to talk about their day when they get home. What more can you ask for?! My only regret is that we had not known about BBC sooner. You guys do a great job. Thank you!"
    – Ms. B., Fort Washington, PA
  • "Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity that [our kids] experienced at Blue Bell Camp. They really had a fun summer at BBC. [Our son] is saying it was an "EPIC" summer for meeting new friends and learning a lot from all the counselors. Once again, thank you!"
    – Mr. and Mrs. D., King of Prussia, PA

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